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Kids Party Guide

Don’t forget the prizes!

We supply glow sticks, small sweets and certificates and stickers to encourage dancing and fun engagement. For games like Musical Bumps etc, we always recommend you provide us with 4 to 5 prizes.

If you would prefer us to supply prizes you can upgrade for an additional £10.

Dedicated area for prizes won

We give out tons of sweets and certificates that of course the children all love but sometimes we see children wondering around looking for a safe place to leave them, especially when their parents are not present. We suggest you plan a table for these to be put on and if you feel super organised then a pen and some white labels will be very productive for telling who's is who's.


How many party games do you play?

This all depends on the number of children present and their level of engagement. The game itself is no problem; what can sometimes become an issue is when a child is ‘out’ especially early on in the game and then has to sit and watch the others, particularly if you have lots of children. However, the number and length of the games can be adjusted accordingly depending on the number of children and their engagement.


Pass the Parcel?

Young children love this game! It’s quite simple, but I know it might be quite tedious for you as a parent to organise.

Here are a few tips if you want to do it yourself: (Remember Pass the Parcel is optional)

1) Prepare enough layers to tally with the number of children (at least have a guess)     

2) Attach a little gift in between each layer, that’s what the children are expecting.

3) Ensure that the final prize is unisex.

4) Make sure there’s a black sack to tidy up the paper at the end.


How many children should I invite over?

We recommend up to 35 children as ideal. We don't recommend over 50 but in ther case where there is over 50 invited we will apply a £10 charge for every 10 children after 50.

My child loves certain songs, can you play these if will supply you with a list?

No problem. Please ensure that you email a list of no more than ten songs at least a week before the party.


Children who miss out on prizes

This can be quite tricky; Taking note of children who have and have not won prizes might be quite some task, especially when you have up to 35 children or more. If there’s a child who is sad for not winning a prize please let us know so we can cheer them up. Besides, I always ensure to give every single child no less than a glow stick bracelet; so if someone hasn’t received one, kindly again let us know.


Have you got a smoke machine?


Yes, which we'll make good use of unless there are smoke alarms on the ceiling or someone has asthma. 

Have you got a bubble machine?


Oh yes we do! I use it every time and the children always love it.

Usually, we'll wait for the children to hit the dance floor before we use it; so that it will land on them and not on the floor.

How about Balloons?

Well, this might make us appear like a real spoilsport but guess what? We do not encourage balloons. But then, it’s a birthday party, isn’t it? So it's your call! But we don’t like balloons because we’ve seen them burst several times causing young ones to cry, adults going freaky and little babies helping themselves to the remains.  

.......Whatever you decide, we’ll stick with it and support you to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Time for food?

We always advise parents that it’s best to plan for food half-way through. Please do not leave the food out and allow the children to help themselves throughout the party; this never ends well. If you’ve booked pizza to be brought to the hall, in our experience they always come late! Request that it be delivered at least 10 minutes before you plan to eat.



In our opinion, it’s best to attend to the cake immediately after the food, when you can still get the attention of all the children.

However if you prefer to serve the cake during the food then we can sing Happy Birthday before the kids sit down to eat.

......be conscious of fire alarms, cake firework candles can set them off.


Do you call parents up to dance and play games?

Not at all, but maybe just for the Hokey Cokey at the end.


Birthday Boy or Girl becoming overwhelmed during the party

This is not unusual. They occasionally get overwhelmed at their party. If this occurs, we have a personalised system for unlocking them from that quiet mood! Although most of the time, it is a feeling that takes a while to wear off but they are usually engaged and having fun by the time they have eaten!


Should I be expected to serve drinks to the other parents?

I see this almost every time! One parent too occupied with preparing a drink or some food for another parent who chooses to remain at the party. I feel like using the microphone to ask them to STOP and enjoy watching the party. After all, you paid for your child’s party. You should at least be there to see how these children enjoy the money you spent! I’m pretty sure no one will think any different of you if you decide not to serve tea or coffee.

Excess light

“The hall we have booked is very light, my concern is that it might tone down the effects of the disco lights, as well as other special effects. What do you advice?”

We’ll do what we can to ensure you get a disco atmosphere. If the place has no curtains, we can improvise. I’ve been in places where black sacks were used to cover the windows where there were no curtains. Whatever we’ll do, your party will be just fine.

In the past, I’ve had issues with the music being too loud: can you ensure that yours is moderate?

Sure we will! Although we haven’t recorded any such complaint. Just signal to us if at any point you think the music might be too loud.


How much time will you need to pack up?

Half an hour.

Can you supply me with some invites?

Yes, we can even personalise these for you and you can print on A6.


What’s the best way to do party bags at the end?

We normally ask the birthday boy or girl to say thank you at the front to all their friends, at this point that’s your cue to prepare the party bags. I will then arrange a line for the birthday boy or girl to hand them to each child.