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The best DJ Entertainers for a Kids Virtual Disco Party anywhere in the world 😮 

Are you looking for a Kids Virtual Disco Entertainer?

A Virtual Kids Disco Party provided by Disco Factory UK is an entertaining, structured, and engaging celebration! 
You will be able to sit back and enjoy watching incredible dance moves plus loads of laughter by all the children. 
Your child's party will be EPIC! Even during these tough restricted times. They will have the best music, challenges, dress-up competitions plus much much more.


How much does it cost for a Children's Virtual Disco Party?


from £50 - 30 Minutes

£75 - 45 Minutes

  • Experienced and Award Winning Kids DJ Entertainer 

  • Professional sound quality and software.

  • We only play the music that kids LOVE.

  • Full engaging and structured dancing and challenges

  • Best Dancer Certificates and Stickers sent out.

  • FREE personalised Invites

  • Loads of fun

  • Ages 4+ 

Max children - 100 - anywhere in the world

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Q. Why should you choose Disco Factory UK to host your son or daughter's Virtual Birthday party?

A. That's a great question, and one you should definitely ask before deciding. Rather than us telling you all the reasons why we think we're a good fit, listen to parents, just like you, and their experience using us:

"Mike planned and ran six virtual discos over two afternoons for our school Beechwood Park. 

The amount of planning he put into making these unique experiences for the different age groups (4 to 10) was brilliant and ensured everyone had a brilliant time. 

Mike is a true professional and his experience in entertaining children shone through on these unique experiences. 

We had so much amazing feedback from parents some of who were initially unsure their children would engage in a virtual disco. 

It was amazing to watch the children interacting with Mike and with each other. Quite a few of the parents from our school have gone on to book Mike to host virtual birthday parties for their children which is testimony to how well he ran the school discos."

Sarah Bremner 
Events Liaison for the BPSPA.

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How safe are the virtual discos?

Our Virtual Discos will be performed securely via Zoom.
You will be provided with a personalised web address, meeting I.d, and a secure password.
Anyone who joins and does not display a live video will be removed.


How many can take part during the virtual disco?

Up to 100 guests at any time, this can be from anywhere around the world.


What is included?

The virtual disco is a mix or Dancing and Challenges with loads of engagement and interaction with DJ Mike.
Every part of the disco has been designed and tested for each of the age groups.


How will you keep all the children engaged while they are not in front of you?

Obviously, the entertainment part is critical, but we've done lots of testing and have implemented rules from the start:
1) Everyone stays on mute; DJ Mike controls this.
2) No virtual backgrounds; DJ Mike controls this.
3) No Typing messages in the comments; DJ Mike controls this.
4) All participants to have their name displayed on their zoom screen.


What age do you recommend a virtual disco for?

We recommend:
4 - 9 years

Why not age 10+?

We've found that unless it's a structured school virtual disco this age doesn't engage well and can be easily distracted.



How long is each disco?

It can be either 30 Mins or 45 mins, but they also get 10 mins before to join. DJ Mike will be playing background music during that time.


How long would you recommend 30 or 45 minutes?

Definitely 45 minutes as this gives us time to incorporate the birthday cake and still enjoy all the challenges and dancing.


Do you give out prizes?

We do.

You can either provide your own or provide x5 prizes for an extra £10. These will be sent to you to distribute between the 5 winners.


What's the best way for the children to take part?

A Computer, Tablet, or mobile phone.

They just need space to dance!


How can we share all the log in details of the disco?

We will design a personalised digital invitation for you to share with your invitees.


What is your availability?

Only DJ Mike is doing our zoom parties, so availability is limited.

We expect this will be very popular.


What's the cost of this?

£50 30 minutes disco

£75 45 minutes disco


How do we pay?

We will invoice you on the completition of a booking, note we require immediate payment on booking.


How can we book?

Complete this booking form - HERE